Irma La Paloma - Cante

Irma La Paloma delivers cante with artistic integrity, elegance and sincerity.  Her vocal phrasing and rhythmic dexterity display her heritage and understanding of flamenco arts and culture.  Her bilingual upbringing and education allow her a wide repertoire inclusive of flamenco, traditional Spanish folk songs, and original compositions.  Irma La Paloma is at   home in her cante which she projects with joy creating a special rapport with audiences. 

Born of Spanish descent in Havana, Cuba Irma began her flamenco
education at the Escuela de Baile Monterroso y Antas de Ulla under
the direction of María Asela Bermúdez.
  As a child, Irma performed
flamenco and Spanish regional dances in musical productions in
Havana’s Centro Gallego and Teatro García Lorca.

In 1970 her family established residence in Madrid, Spain where she was further embraced by her heritage. They later came to the U.S. where she continued to receive dance instruction at the Academia Silvia Medina de Goudié in Miami, Florida.  Her father’s love of poetry and her passion for song and lyrics led her to concentrated study of cante and flamenco dance  accompaniment. 

She attended workshops in Albuquerque’s paloma Annual Festival Flamenco International where she received  instruction from cantaores El Veneno and Vicente Griego.

She is co-founder of Solero Flamenco with Jeremías García.  They perform continually at varied venues and enjoy collaborating with local and visiting artists to present quality, professional performances.  Since 2009 the two have directed, produced and performed in three theater productions as part of the Cultural and Fine Arts Calendar at University of Houston Clear Lake and San Jacinto College South.  In 2009 she was an invited artist to the Dallas Flamenco where she first performed with Maestro Timo Lozano.  


As a writer and recording artist, Irma recorded original lyrics for “La Lluvia” in García’s Café Khytaro album, “Distancia.”  In the works is a compilation of her poetry and original cante pieces for publication and recording.  

Drawing on her professional experience and Bachelor’s Degree in International Finance and Marketing, Irma currently serves as Community Coordinator and Co-Director of the “2011 Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival.”  She is working to preserve flamenco through performance and education in collaboration with San Jacinto College and the Consulate General of Spain. 


 Jeremías García – Toque

Jeremías García has been playing guitar for over 23 years.  With a formal musical education and a natural inclination and enjoyment of the Spanish guitar, it was only a matter of time before he would venture into the complex and deep seated roots of flamenco.  He accompanies cante and baile with precision and dexterity, thus providing the musical  framework essential to the presentation of flamenco and all its components.


Jeremías’ interest in music developed at an early age.  Originally self-taught, Jeremy later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and a Master’s degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  His study and familiary with the great  Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla and Isaac Albéniz laid the groundwork for his transition to flamenco guitar.  He has furthered his guitar studies by attending workshops by Maestro Juan Serrano, Juani Serrano, Richard Marlow and Valdemar Phoenix.  As a performer, he has collaborated with many talented artists.  In the flamenco setting Jeremy is known as Jeremías El Valiente.


As the co-founder of the nuevo flamenco group García y Reyna, Jeremy performed throughout the United States and released the CD ‘’Baile del Sol” in 2004 featuring all original music.  In 2008, Jeremy composed the music for and released his second CD, Café Khytaro - “Distancia.”  For this project, Jeremy collaborated with many talented artists including Irma La Paloma who wrote the letra and performed vocals to “La Lluvia.” 


As soloist, Jeremy has appeared in numerous concerts and venues.  In 2006 and 2007 he was the invited soloist and appeared with the Fort Bend Symphony and with the Brazosport Symphony in a performance of Joaquín Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez.”   In 2009 he was an invited artist to the Dallas Flamenco Festival.


Presently he resides in Houston where he founded and directs the guitar program at San Jacinto College South as full Professor.  He maintains a busy performance schedule as co-founder of Solero Flamenco and guitar soloist. Jeremy currently serves as Co-Director of the “2011 Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival” in collaboration with San Jacinto College and the Consulate General of Spain.


masterfully executed guitar work and a relentless Spanish rhythm." - Alexander Dorian, "...incredible finger fire." - Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle "...the group's distinct style and beautiful melodies continue to dazzle Houston audiences." - Deborah Rowe, Houston Arts View "...great technical skill with a deft sense of style" - David Ragsdale, Kingwood Observer "...mesmerizing...fiery and passionate..." Jim Shortt - The Scene Magazine “…9 tracks of flawless perfection...fiery, passionate and virtuoso flamenco performance...CD definitely worth getting..." - Alexander Dorian of  




Solangel “Lali” Calix  -  Baile, Castanets


Solangel ”Lali “Calix is a graceful and experienced flamenco and Spanish classical dancer with excellent castanet technique learned from Maria Magdalena, one of Spain’s most prominent players.  With over 30 years of performance experience her energetic and joyful dance is the culmination of extensive training in Spain under the guidance of expert flamenco figures.


Lali began studying flamenco as a young girl in her native Honduras.  Between 1976 and 1979 she attended the famous Amor de Dios School in Madrid, Spain where she studied Flamenco, Ballet Clásico and Español.  She has attended flamenco workshops throughout the United States and abroad as both student and teacher for over 30 years.


In 1994 she established the Alianza Flamenca New Orleans as the co-director with guitarist John Lawrence.  From 1994-2005 she taught flamenco in the New Orleans School of Ballet.  She maintained an active performance schedule at El Matador as well as at various guest appearances around the country.


After Hurricane Katrina, Lali established residence in Houston, TX.  From 2006-2008 she returned to Spain periodically to continue her education at Escuela Flamenco with Juan Polvillo in Sevilla.  Currently she is the correspondent for the southwest region of the U. S. for the website where she writes reviews of flamenco performances and events. 


She continues to teach and perform flamenco on a regular basis.  As guest dancer with Solero Flamenco Calix adheres to the art of improvisation, making each performance unique in the tradition of flamenco.    




Edith Niño  -  Baile

Edith Niño is a young and articulate flamenco dancer.  Her natural talent is complimented with technique, poise and confidence beyond her years.  As guest dancer with Solero Flamenco she performs at varied venues in Houston.  Her interpretation of the Flamenco Guajira with the accompaniment of Irma La Paloma, cante, and Jeremías García, guitar has captivated and rendered the applause of audiences making this one of her signature dances.


Edith was born in Caracas, Venezuela and was inclined to the arts at an early age.  She began her training at Voces Blancas de Elisa Soteldo, Academia de Ballet Fanny Montiel and at the Conservatorio de Música under the direction of María Dolores García.  While studying ballet at the English Montessori School in Madrid, where she resided from 1988-1990, she was exposed to flamenco arts and culture.  After returning to Caracas she graduated from the Conservatorio de Música and joined La Coral de U. E. Universidad Simón Bolivar.  She continued Classical Ballet with Fanny Montiel until 2000. 


Following her move to Houston, she studied flamenco at the University of Houston with Antonia Perlacia and performed in Antonia’s companies Aires Flamenco and Soleá Dance.


Although she performs professionally, Edith seeks every opportunity to refine and continue her training through Master Workshops and private lessons with flamenco figures and instructors such as Maestro Timo Lozano, Solangel Lali Calix, Concha Jareño, Fanny Ara and Maria Juncal.

Chris Howard - Percussion/Cajon

Chris Howard has been performing as a percussionist in Houston since 1997.  He has played with numerous bands and ensembles covering a broad array of traditions including Bulgarian, Turkish, West African, Spanish, Cuban, Brazilian, Funk and Jazz.  As well known accompanist, he plays for dance classes and workshops at the Hope Center, Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, University of Houston and the JCC.  He has played for musicals at Theatre Lab Houston, HCC, Main St. Theatre and Stages Repertory Theatre.   He currently plays with jazz fusion septet Free Radicals and directs Bateria Terceira Costa, a samba drum line.  Chris directs children’s classes at the Hope Center and Madhatter Arts Camp.